50.0 Voice Remote TV Navigation (Arrow) Keys

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50.0 Voice Remote TV Navigation (Arrow) Keys

Hello everyone! So a few days ago we made the switch from DirecTV to Dish here in our home, and so far, we are loving it! We got the Hopper3 and two Joey's. We also picked up a couple of the 50.0 Voice Remotes with the touchpad. [b:368rlc1j]Very[/b:368rlc1j] cool little remotes! HOWEVER... I am running into a little issue when it comes to programming them to operate my tv.

We have a Samsung Smart TV here that we frequently use for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. After I program the Dish remote to control my tv, I am able to operate the basic functions like volume, mute, and input. I even get some of the less common buttons. Home button opens the tv menu, Info button brings up the tv's info panel- you get the idea. [i:368rlc1j]But I don't seem to have anything that corresponds to the tv's arrow keys![/i:368rlc1j]

Now I [b:368rlc1j]DO[/b:368rlc1j] have a Select button. When I click the touchpad, I am able to select things in my tv's menu. However swiping on the touchpad or touching the sides of the pad do not allow me to navigate up, down, left, or right. I have also tried clicking toward the edge of the pad, but this does not work either as clicking anywhere on the pad just causes me to select things on the tv.

So I tried teaching the Dish remote the arrow keys. (You know, where you point the two remotes at each other, press a key on the Dish remote, then hold the key on the TV remote and it learns that function.) Unfortunately swiping on the pad, tapping on the pad, and even clicking the pad all seem to be "buttons" I cannot teach. I can teach arrow keys to the physical buttons on my Dish remote, but not to the touchpad.

Am I missing something here? I would like to be able to control both my Dish receiver and the functions on my Smart TV with the same remote. I don't want to have to dig out the TV remote anytime I'm trying to stream off of Amazon or Hulu just because I can't move up, down, left, and right with my Dish remote. Is that just not possible? I am able to do so with my 52.0 NON-touchpad/voice remote, why not the 50.0? I feel like I surely must not be the only person out there who is wondering about this, so why can I not find anyone else asking about it? For such a basic function, [b:368rlc1j][i:368rlc1j]surely[/i:368rlc1j][/b:368rlc1j] I must be missing something...

Thanks everyone, ANY help is much appreciated!
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Re: 50.0 Voice Remote TV Navigation (Arrow) Keys

DISH Employee
You can try to readdress your 50.0 remote, as finding a different code may help. If not, you can do a "learn remote" from the 50.0 to the Samsung remote. Please visit https://www.mydish.com/support/products ... lecommands for information.