31-11-45, every morning, no 3am download happening

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31-11-45, every morning, no 3am download happening


I noticed a few weeks ago that I stopped getting the 3am reset/downloads but I thought maybe I just missed them. And occasionally I get the unauthorized programming screen for no reason. I thought maybe that was a 'remote' problem so I replaced the batteries.

But now for the past four mornings, I have complete signal loss (31-11-45) and no amount of unplugging, or checking cables helps. Sometimes it immediatly goes back to the code 31-11-45 and other times it goes through 'acquiring signal' and green bar, only to go back to complete signal loss again. After I finally give up after a couple of hours and walk away, it starts working. I don't know why it starts up again. Today, after 3 resets, and checking the cables 3 times, and 2 hours, I still have the loss of signal screen.


What is the problem?!?!?!?

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Re: 31-11-45, every morning, no 3am download happening

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That specific message means there is a cabling issue between the antenna and the receiver.

Re: 31-11-45, every morning, no 3am download happening

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I would suggest looking at your feedhorn,  I've had a bird poop on the eye of my dish feedhorn and lost the signal it would come back here and there.  Check that first. then There's a Cable that goes into your feedhorn also that could be loose the installer that put mine in didn't tighten it all the way although it didn't lose the signal it may have after a few months of wind blowing.  So Check that too. also I know there's a box under your home or in your home somewhere that connects the outdoor Dish to your Reciever those could also have came loose check all of those and if there are tight that would be an issue with your feedhorn may be starting to go out. 

It's fairly simple if you are having that issue they can send you one it comes off with one screw and one cable put on the new one and hopefully your back in TV.


Good luck I hope this helps you out.

Re: 31-11-45, every morning, no 3am download happening

DISH Employee

Hello Pmfc44, please accept my apology for the delay in response. If you are still having cabling issues, I would be more than happy to help. To get started, can you send me a private message? https://communities.dish.com/t5/Communities-101/How-To-Send-a-Private-Message/td-p/15039