2 simple questions for a bewildered man!!

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2 simple questions for a bewildered man!!

Costume Designer
Happy 4th of July. These questions are likely simple to answer to you gurus out there.

1- I have Hopper 3 and 3 Joey 2. Hopper 3 gives me a choice to update software under settings/diagnostics/tools.I just checked. It is U500 (6/29/2017). I checked one of the Joeys. I don't have "update" option. The latest version is U279 (5/16/2017). When joey update is available, do all 3 joeys update themselves at the same time? How do I make sure my whole system has the latest updates?

2- Hopper 3 has more features under Settings.If I am right 4 more choices. Correct me if I am wrong: 1- ota antenna (antenna is required for local channels during bad weather. Heavy rain causes interruptions where I live). 2-control4 This must be some sort of tablet in order to operate Hopper 3. 3-Bluetooth audio You pair bluetooth headphone with Hopper 3 so that you don't bother other people in the room or listen to music channels.
4-Dish music. This is what I am mostly interested in. You must download an app to your smart phone. What is the purpose? Do I get to choose what performer I want to listen to? Then, I select what I want within app, and Hopper plays it? Do I need to connect Hopper 3 to Internet? Little confused here.

If you know the answers, please enlighten me. Thanks.