1303 Error Code and 1 AM reboot of Joey

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1303 Error Code and 1 AM reboot of Joey


My wireless Joey is resetting at 1 AM for the past few weeks and I'm unable to watch TV. It fixes itself sometime during the night and TV comes back on but by then I'm asleep.  I've switched Joeys and it's happening on both of them. Dish was here yesterday and changed the Wireless Access Point but it's still doing it.  I believe this may have started with a new software upgrade but can't be sure.  My Hopper is set to reset at 4 or 5 AM so it's not that.  Very frustrating when it goes off in my bedroom and I'm left without TV.  Anyone find a fix?  I have Dish set up to come again but honestly I don't think it'll help especially since they aren't here at 1 AM when it happens.

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Re: 1303 Error Code and 1 AM reboot of Joey

Casting Director

Nothing they can do (I also replaced WAP & tried everything suggested).  After living with it for 6+ months (& getting nothing but promises from Dish) I finally went back to a wired Joey.